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Universal Hijri Calendar - Proposal & E-Book with evidences from Noble Qur'an & authentic hadees

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Date: Mon, Dec 21, 2015 at 11:19 PM
Subject: Universal Hijri Calendar - Proposal & E-Book with evidences from Noble Qur'an & authentic hadees
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Dear  & Respected Brothers in Islaam, 

Assalaamu alaikkum
​ wa Rahmathullaahi wa Barakaathu hu​
Jazhaak Allaahu Khairan for the efforts taken by all to bring the whole  Ummah under one Global Hijri Calendar.  May Almighty Allaah reward immensely all who work to propagate, promote and implement Allaah's Single Calendar which is in His Kitaab from the day of creation (Verse 9:36)
We, HIJRI COMMITTEE OF INDIA (HCI ) would like to introduce ourselves as a team consisting of Islamic Scholars,  Astronomers, Research Scientists  and Like minded persons who are much worried and disturbed on Muslim Ummah celebrating Eid and starting  Ramdaan fasting on 3 or 4 days of the week.  We have been doing research for the last 45 years on Global Hijri Calendar and have derived  one such Calendar, from the teachings of Noble Qur'aan, authentic hadeeths and tallying with the Astronomical data.
​ ALHUMDULILLAAH !  We have been publishing such a Calendar for the last 16 years with dates exactly tallying with moon-phases, as directed by Noble Qur'an 2:189.​
We have designed the calendar with daily moon-phases which    distinctly shows its   uniqueness and arises curiosity
of the people paving way and giving us an opportunity  to explain the neccesity of a Pre-determined Global Hijri Calendar..  We have attached as soft-copy the Global Hijri Calendar for 1436  & 1437 for your ready reference.
 Hijri Committee of India has derived the following criteria based on Noble Qur'aan and authentic hadeeths:
" Consider the Universal Day,  in which  Conjunction takes place,  as the last day of a Hijri month and the new month to start from Fajr of the following Universal Day, irrespective of the time of Conjunction and/or Sunset-Moonset timing at Makkah or else where.
With this concept, we can have an error-free calender which can be calibrated forwards as well as backwards for thousands of years and can be used by all in an easy manner.
As you are aware,  Imam Ibn Kathir (Rah) while  explaining verse 71:16 says that the day on which the moon gets veiled/fully shadowed shows the passing of the month or in other words, the day moon gets veiled/shadowed is the last day of the month. 
Please note that we
 start the new month from the conjunction day.  But, consider it as the last day of the month.  Since the timing of Conjunction varies at each month and we start the new month only from Fajr of the following day, the month's duration gets fixed at 29 days or 30 days, as taught by the Prophet (Sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam).  In fact these fluctuations in the timimngs of the Conjunction miraculously rectify the errors and ensure an error-free calendar.
Verses 36:40 & 2:238 as well as the authentic hadeeths about Witr and the starting & ending of I'thikaaf of the Prophet (Sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam) also teach us, without  any ambiguity,  that the 24-hour period in Islam starts at Fajr and not at Magrib. 
We would also like to inform you that "knowledge through observation"  is the right meaning to be given to " Ru'yiah ".  This translation goes hand-in-glove with the teachings of Noble Qur'aan and authentic hadeeths.   If it is translated as "sight by naked eye" or "possible sight of hilaal at Magrib" , it will lead to multiple calendars and thus pollute the essence of Islam and Brotherhood of Muslim Ummah.  
We are aware that the concept which we have dereived from Noble Qur'aan and authentic hadeeths does not go according to the belief and traditions of the majority of Muslim Ummah.  But, you too will agree that majority has never been the yardstick to guage Truth in Islam.  What it matters is the compliance of Sharia. 
We are sure that our concept is in compliance with Sharia.  In this mail, we have provided only the gist or just the essence of the concept followed by Hjri Committee.  Hence,  we are attaching herewith an E-Book, a very exhaustive and comprehensive reference Guide  giving evidences from Noble Qur'aan and authentic hadeeths in support to our  calendar concept and also providing evidences from Prime sources to prove that   ideas and concept of those who insist on seeing the  setting hilaal on the Western sky, in order to start the new month, are wrong and not in compliance  with Sharia.
  We have included in the attached zip file the following:
1) Proposal for a Universal Islamic Hijri Calendar
2) E-Book on the Calendar concept derived from Noble Qur'aan,  authentic hadees and Astronomical
​              ​
​.  (Please click on each topic in "Table of Contents" so that the required page will open up for your perusal)​
3) Soft Copy of Hijri Calendar for 1436 H
(Past year)​
4) Soft Copy of Hijri Calendar 1437 H
(Present year)​
5) Web link for downloading 200 years
​ ​
(1300H to 1500H)
​ Hijri Calendar​
6)  Weblink to download 3100 years Hijri Calendar & Converter developed by our member, 
​       ​
​ ​
Lateef Uth
​ ​
(Islamic Scholar & Software Engineer)
7)   Copy of Original Ummul Qurrah followed by Saudi Arabia till 1420 H.
​We are sending t​
​soliciting ​
r valuable
​ &​
scholarly comments
​ on the subject​
If you require any further clarifications, please let us know. In Shaa Allaah, we will provide you with detailed answers to clear all your doubts,  at the earliest.
You are requested to study the provided details in depth and may  such a study  pave way to Muslim Ummah following an Universal Islamic  Hijri Calendar; thereby  starting all Hijri months on athe same day of the week,  throughout the world. 
May Almighty Allaah keep all of us in the Right Path.  Aameen.
May Almighty Allaah forgive all our sins, errors & faults and provide all of us with a place in Jannathul Firdouse. Aameen.
Wa Salaam


(Chief Editor)

​PS:  Please note down our new e-mail address, through which this mail is being sent. Our other address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  too is still valid and you can also use the same.​



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